This February i started working on my first feature film as an animator. It's the end of the production so i'll be on it for 2 to 3 months. I'm quite excited about it!

Here's the trailer of the movie:

Female body

ArenaNet internship Test

Here are progression shots for the ArenaNet internship test. I never actually finished it. At some point i realized a visa was needed and so i dropped the project.
Screenshots were originally posted on polycount forum.

Character Animation Reel 2012

Here's my new demo reel for 2012. Containing all the animation work I've done this year, mostly during the second half of the year.

Survivor Charater

 Last april i joined an online indie game development team as a character artist. The project was a post apocalyptic survival mmo.
Sadly it was really time consuming and freelance projects came up very soon after and forced me to leave them.
The experience as short as it was, was really great and i learned a lot from it. On many different aspects.

Here are two quick sketch i did. The team was still looking for a character designer so i "assumed" this role to get us started.
I also started to model a first character. it was not meant to be final art. His only purpose was for the team to learn how to incorporate dynamic characters in the engine. So there was no proper design behind it. etc.
I had to leave them before i could finish it. :/

Animation practice: Walk "Oh shit!"

Some more animation practice.
Here's what i assigned myself to do: Start walking, then stop, turn around and walk again.

Free rig is from the 11second club.

Animation practice : Angry walk

I started working back on animation and practicing fundamentals and basic principles. I certainly hope to continue and do more on a daily basis.

Here is an exercise i've been doing the last few days: Walk cycles.
This is the last one i did.

3D Character Design practice

Early WIP of a character i'm working on.. I haven't spend a lot of time on it, i'm still looking for the general shapes. Worked something like half a day on it.
The idea here was to create and design a Character, without worrying too much about topology.
"3D Character Design practice"
I may retopo and prep him for animation, but it's too early to say.

Freelance Work

 Here are some screens of the last work i did. It's an underwater camera housing with flashlights for Nikon D700. The modeling was based on pictures.